Caroline Haugsted

Dance Teacher, Community Dance Artist, Dancer, Choreographer

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About Caroline

Caroline is a Danish dance teacher, community dance artist, dancer and choreographer currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lina is someone who believes that everyone can dance, and therefore all her dance classes are inclusive classes where everyone is made to feel welcome. She offers classes and workshops in Brazilian Zouk, partner improvisation, high heels dancing & ladystyling, contemporary, modern floor work, alignment & placement, ballet, and improvisation for adults, as well as creative movement, modern, and ballet for children ages 2-15. She also gives creative movement classes for elderly and for people with injuries, handicaps and illnesses.

She is in her final year of a 4-year Bachelor degree in teaching dance at the AHK (Bachelor of Arts in Education – Dance). In 2014 she founded Zouk in Copenhagen. In 2016, she started her own dance school, Zonen for dans & bevægelse, also based in Copenhagen, which she runs part-time while finishing her studies. The vision of her school is to create an inclusive, welcoming space where everyone can join and enjoy the benefits of dance and movement. She plans to return to Copenhagen and devote herself to the school full-time after finishing her education in the Netherlands.


Inclusive Dance

As a teacher, Lina strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. If you can breathe, you can dance, and you are welcome. If you have limited physical abilities, Lina will help you to work with the possibilities that you do have.

Skill Development

Dancing gives you skills that you can use in- and outside the dance studio. Lina will work with you and guide you to improve your technical dance skills in a variety of dance styles, and help you develop skills that you can use in all aspects of your life.


Continuing to renew and staying up-to date on the latest research within dance is important. There is constantly new research on how dance and movement can help people of all backgrounds learn, grow, develop, and improve life quality.