Lina is someone who believes that everyone can dance, and therefore all her dance classes are inclusive classes where everyone is made to feel welcome. She offers classes and workshops in Brazilian Zouk, partner improvisation, high heels dancing & ladystyling, contemporary, modern floor work, alignment & placement, ballet, and improvisation for adults, as well as creative movement, modern, and ballet for children ages 2-15. She also gives creative movement classes for elderly and for people with injuries, handicaps and illnesses.

She is in her final year of a 4-year Bachelor degree in teaching dance at the AHK (Bachelor of Arts in Education - Dance). In 2014 she founded Zouk in Copenhagen. In 2016, she started her own dance school, Zonen for dans & bevægelse, also based in Copenhagen, which she runs part-time while finishing her studies. The vision of her school is to create an inclusive, welcoming space where everyone can join and enjoy the benefits of dance and movement. She plans to return to Copenhagen and devote herself to the school full-time after finishing her education in the Netherlands.



Lina took her first dance lessons in the UK at the age of five, where she joined the Royal Academy of Dance program in classical ballet, which she continued until the age of fourteen. In her adolescence, Lina also joined a gymnastics team and competed in local and regional gymnastics competitions.

In 2012, Lina started dancing Salsa, Bachata, and Brazilian Zouk. By September 2013 she began teaching Zouk Lambada and Rio Zouk with Nicolas Nelson in Copenhagen. They have also given workshops in Lambazouk and performed at the Berlin International Zouk & Samba Congress, June 2014.

In 2013, Lina was admitted to Sceneindgangen Dance Studio‘s one-year preparatory dance program, specializing in modern dance. She graduated in May 2014, and then continued her studies at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK), where she is currently studying teaching dance. She plans to do a Masters in Dance Therapy after finishing her Bachelor.




Lina wants to create a safe space for people to explore and learn about themselves and each other through dance. Dance is for her a way of expression, a way of communication, and a way to meditate and find a sense of calm in a busy world. She believes that dance has something to offer for everyone. For children, teens, adults and elderly. For those who have never danced before and those with years of experience. For those with fully functioning bodies and minds, and those with injuries, handicaps, and illnesses. It is much more than exercise, but with all the benefits of exercise. Dance trains coordination, strength, flexibility, agility, balance, kinesthesia, body language, physical communication, and physical interaction. It teaches life skills, such as self-confidence, respect, tolerance, patience, and courage. It teaches us how to interact with one another in a valuable way, and how to gives us a safe place to meet and interact with new people.


Lina & Brazilian Zouk

Lina fell in love with Brazilian Zouk the moment she saw it at a Salsa & Kizomba party in Copenhagen. The flow, the connection, the energy and sensuality of the dance was immediately appealing to her. She knew instantly that she had to learn it. She trained intensively with Nicolas Nelson, who taught her the basics of Zouk Lambada. When she moved to Holland she took classes, workshops and privates with as many teachers as possible, learning about the different styles and ways of dancing Zouk and carefully studying the similarities and differences. She started teaching Zouk in Copenhagen in 2014, and gives regular classes when she can and otherwise periodical workshops.

Lina has worked with a variety of Brazilian Zouk artists, including Adilio Porto, Nicolas Nelson, Eric Louw, Ailton Silva, William Dos Santos, Willem Engel, and Felipe Melo. She has given Zouk workshops at Berlin Zouk Congress, Amsterdam Zouk Congress, Valentine’s Dance Weekend in Halmstad, Copenhagen Kizomba Royal Festival, Helsingborg Brazilian Zouk Weekend, and Copenhagen Salsa Festival.

She has also done Zouk teacher's courses at Dutch Zouk Congress and with ZoukDevils. She is currently writing a book about Zouk history and plans to travel to Brazil for research and training. From mid-2017 she will also start to teach at Brasa Studios in Amsterdam and DancAlegria in Rotterdam.