Caroline Haugsted

Dance Teacher, Community Dance Artist, Dancer, Choreographer
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About Caroline

Caroline is a Danish dance teacher, community dance artist, dancer and choreographer currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Caroline is someone who believes that everyone can dance, and therefore all her dance classes are inclusive classes where everyone is made to feel welcome. She offers classes and workshops in Brazilian Zouk, Bachata, Zouk Ladystyling, Bachata Ladystyling, partner improvisation, high heels, contemporary, modern floorwork, alignment & placement, ballet, jazz, and improvisation for adults, as well as creative movement, modern, and ballet for children ages 2-15. She also gives creative movement classes for elderly and for people with injuries, handicaps and illnesses.

Caroline graduated in 2018 with Bachelor degree in teaching dance at the AHK (Bachelor of Arts in Education – Dance). In 2014 she founded Zouk in Copenhagen. In 2016, she started her own dance school, Zonen for dans & bevægelse, also based in Copenhagen, which she runs part-time while she is also teaching in Amsterdam.

Her vision is to create an inclusive, welcoming space where everyone can join and enjoy the benefits of dance and movement.



What Students Say


Great zoukteacher with excelent pedagogical skills. Her structured and well planned teaching both works great in online classes and in real life!


Caroline is a great and very patient teacher with lots of experience and in-depth knowledge. She teaches with passion and has excellent technique, is always friendly and happy and very professional. I highly recommend her classes and am sure everyone can learn something new from Caroline.


Fantastic teacher - her technical skills are impressive even for a teacher, and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. I have never taken a class with her without feeling the positive impact on my dancing.


Caroline is really a great teacher! I took her online classes in Barre and Zouk Solo Technique and she really manages to explain relevant details, answers questions, provides useful feedback and it's a lot of fun as well. I will definitely continue to take her classes


One of the many things that I love about Caroline is her groundedness, as a dancer, teacher and person. She is an extraordinary dance teacher who makes all her classes as great as they can be, and she helps all her students to grow.


I’m currently enrolled in the contemporary and solo technique class, and Caroline is an amazing teacher. Her focus on body awareness and well-being is something that every dance school should prioritise, but unfortunately it’s often not the case. With this approach, the learning process is successful and sustainable! Plus, classes are inclusive, the atmosphere is cosy and super friendly :D 1000 thumbs up!


Caroline is a great teacher and dancer. I took her 4 weeks Zouk Solo Technique classes and I felt motivated along the way. She is thorough and explains the simplest steps in detail which helped me to make my dance more precise. The classes are well prepared and progressive. You just want to dance and learn more and more. I'm looking forward to taking her classes again.


Without comparison the best dance teachers in the Latin Social Dancing Scene. Instead of mindless walk-throughs of patterns and combinations, the focus in Zonen is learning technique. This enables you to actually dance confidently and comfortably. Furthermore body-awareness is also an essentiel focus, inspiring you to respect the boundaries of your own and your partners bodies in social dancing.


Amazing teachers, very professional. They focus on small technical things and details a lot..explain how to keep right posture while dancing and their lessons have helped me to improve my dancing a lot, even dance styles outside Zonen Dance Studio I absolutely love their lessons! ♥️


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fantastic teacher with technique in focus. Large selection of classes to improve your dance all-around. Everything from strength, flexibility, and different dance styles. It is great to be in a place where passion is the motivating factor :) Thank you for many great experiences, looking forward to more.!


Passionate & welcoming teachers, love their classes!


I liked Caroline a lot as a person, but also as a teacher. I really could feel the difference between the first and the last lesson. Caroline was always very energetic and positive. I look forward to continue the dance classes with Caroline =D