Corona Update

Many of you are writing to me to ask about live classes and privates.

Since the pandemic started in Europe, I have decided to postpone all classes, workshops and privates that take place in person until further notice. Everyone who has pre-paid classes will get these classes when I reopen, this goes for both group and private classes. Private classes normally have an expiration date of 3 months. I will prolong this to 3 months from the date that I reopen, in order to give everyone a chance to use their pre-paid classes.

So – when will I reopen?

Right now I still cannot say. I am planning live classes in Copenhagen and Malmo from September onwards, and hope that I will be able to follow through on this plan, depending on the status of corona in the region at the time.

I am not partner dancing at all since the pandemic arrived, and I recommend the same for you (unless you can dance with your roommate/boyfriend/sibling etc), for your safety and well-being as well as that of our loved ones.

When I reopen, I will reopen for all my students at the same time, and I hope that you understand this and will have patience.

In the meantime I’m offering a selection of online classes!

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