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It is a follow-along class for dancers (leaders & followers) who wish to improve their Brazilian Zouk dancing by training without a partner. This means that I will be showing and explaining the exercises while you do them together with me. You will be moving for almost the entire hour!

The classes consist of:
– Thorough warming-up using cardio and strength exercises
– Body movement drills
– Footwork and weight transfer exercises
– Balance and turn exercises
– Head movement technique exercises
– Thorough cooling down and stretch

There will be no combinations, instead I will show you how to use these different exercises in your dance. The course is PROGRESSIVE, meaning that each class we will build on to what we did in the previous class and add more challenging exercises as the course progresses. The goal is to improve your body awareness and build muscle memory, so that when you get to the social dance you will be able to dance with more awareness and control.

WHO CAN JOIN? Anyone with a basic knowledge of Brazilian Zouk can join. You do NOT need a partner to join. The course is both aimed at leaders and followers. If you have any health issues or previous injuries, please let me know before we start. You will train at your own risk, so it is important that you listen to your body.

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