On the spot & traveling in one direction Copy

The basic step of Brazilian Zouk has 3 steps with 3 weight transfers. Typically, the leader starts the step with the left foot on the “1” in the music, and the follower starts the step with the right foot on the “1” in the music.

The Brazilian Zouk weight transfer is very grounded. The feet are relaxed and with every step you roll through the foot, landing first with the toes, then the balls of the foot, and the heel in the end (on the steps where you use the heel).

The basic step, whether it is in the spot, forwards-backwards, side-side, other with other variations always has the same quality in the steps:

  1. The long step (on “tum” or on the 1, 3, 5, and 7 in the music). This step is long in the music and you actively push the floor. The whole foot is placed in the floor, first toes, then ball of the foot, then heel, with control. Roll through the foot. You step onto a long leg (knee is unlocked but the leg is lengthened). So the knee is lengthened and the hip is relaxed.
  2. The control/suspension step. This step is also LONG in the music but it is a small step measured in distance. You need to control this step (hence the term “control” step). The ankle is engaged and the heel stays slightly lifted off the floor in this step. Both knees and hips are relaxed.
  3. The grounding step. This step is shorter in time and on the spot. The hips and knees are relaxed and the whole foot is placed in the floor, first toes, then ball of the foot, then heel, with control. Roll through the foot and relax the knee on the standing leg as you transfer the weight.

Make sure you relax your knees and hips respectively. There are no forced or tensed movements of the hips or knees, but the joins are relaxed and soft, and movement in these joints happens as a consequence of the stepping.

If you are new, the most important thing to master first is the weight transfer in time to the music. The grounding and resulting movement in the body are secondary and will start to feel more natural as you get comfortable with your weight transfer. Don’t try to force them to happen, it might take some time, but it will happen as you learn to ground and relax into your basic steps.

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