On Holiday Week 27

It’s that time of year… I will be traveling (within Denmark) for 1 week and having the first non-dance holiday for many years! These difficult times of COVID-19 have taught me also to remember to take some time outside of the dance world sometimes, recharge my batteries, in able to come back to classes with even more energy and inspiration! I will be spending my week camping, exploring nature and doing outdoor sports!

Therefore – I will mainly be OFFLINE June 29th-July 6th 2020. Feel free to write to me with any questions/concerns – but note that I might not get around to answering until next week. I will spend most of July 6th catching up though, so you’ll hear from me latest by then!

ONLINE CLASSES continue as usual – we will also have the usual Zoom Q&A on Thursday (I will bring my phone for this). So there are no changes for online classes.

No in-person class this week, but we continue Tuesday July 7th at 19:00 in Østerbrohuset as usual.

Lots of love! Caroline

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